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Water Watchdog is a precision electronic flow-measuring device that accurately tracks the consumption of water used from your tank regardless of size/shape/material or number.

There are two Water Watchdog models. The basic flow meter (Model BF-15) is an all mechanical device that must be located where it can be easily read. Model BFR-15 offers greater flexibility since it includes a remote counter that can be located anywhere on board. It is powered by a lithium battery and requires no connection to your electrical system. Battery life is in excess of 2 years.

Below is a typical installation. The unit is placed as close as possible to the outlet of your water pressurizing pump. The unit measures the amount of water that flows from the pump throughout your system regardless of number of tanks it is drawing from or number of outlets that are being supplied. Your specific installation will require fittings based on your specific plumbing materials (copper, plastic, rubber, etc.) but normally can be purchased at a local hardware store. Specific instructions are shipped with each unit.
In normal operation, once all of your tanks are full you simply press a reset button on the remote counter, (Model BFR-15 only), so that the reading is zero. As water is drawn out of the tank (or tanks) the counter will indicate the number of gallons (or liters) used since the last fill-up. With Model BF-15, a written record of the meter reading should be kept at each fill-up. To determine water usage, simply subtract the reading taken at fill-up from the present reading.

Water Watchdog is covered by a limited one-year warranty.
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