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Model BF15   Model BFR15
Bronze casting   Bronze meter with remote transmitter with battery powered resetable counter
For installations with easy
access for reading
  Best where meter will be installed in an inconvenient location
Should have written log to
record reading at tank filling
  The remote counter can be mounted in any location
Only one unit required regardless of the number of water tanks on board
Self contained - does not use ship's power
Simple to install. No holes to drill in tanks
Accurate to 1/10 gallon regardless of tank shape

Water Watchdog accurately measures the amount of water taken from your boat's water tank.

You'll never worry about running dry on a cruise again. Just press the reset button on the gauge each time you fill your water tank on tanks.

Water watchdog can also be used to moniter the amount of output from watermakers.

Measuring water use in Motor Homes, Trailers, RVs, Residences and Businesses
are other applications for Water Watchdog.
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